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Ocean Science Council of Australia

We live in an era of unprecedented reliance on the oceans for our livelihoods and lifestyle. How well we manage our ocean use in an environment fundamentally challenged by climate change will shape the way we live into the future. The role of marine science in informing and shaping the sound management and conservation of Australia’s ocean estate has never been more crucial than now.

The Ocean Science Council of Australia (OSCA) is an independent group of leading Australian experts concerned with advancing marine conservation to ensure the protection of biological diversity, ecosystem health and the resulting economic and social benefits.

Our members represent a range of disciplines including ecology, economics, sociology and law. Drawing on this expertise, OSCA has identified three priorities for action to secure the future of Australia’s oceans:

1. The completion of Australia’s marine reserve network with highly protected no-take marine reserves at its core;

2. Continual progress in the ecologically sustainable management of Australia’s fisheries and marine based resource industries;

3. Reform of Australia’s ocean governance to be solidly anchored in sound science.


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